Wagga Blue Heeler Classic 2-3 April 2022

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Wagga Blue Heeler Classic 2-3 April 2022

chappo (Greg Chapman)
Venue: SSAA Wagga (Big Springs Range)


Saturday 2nd April  2022

500m Fly Shoot, Light and Heavy classes.
Includes: Optional Warmer target and 5 targets to score each class.

Sunday 3rd April 2022
300m Fly shoot Custom and Factory Classes

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS OUR BLUE HEELER CLASSIC (normally run in August so 500/300 Centrefire)

Prizes include
Maddco Barrel for first place @ 500m
Maddco Barrel for first place @ 3o0m
4kg of AR 2208 lucky door prize. You must shoot at least one class EACH day to be eligible for the lucky door prize.
In lieu of trophies we have some usefull shooting items with trophy plaques attached instead.

Fees: $50 one class, $90 two classes, $130 three classes and $150 for four classes
Please note for classes on Sunday @ 300 will be based on nominations and may be reduced if needed.

Camping: Free. Power, kitchen, showers provided. Please be mindful that power is solar and limited

Catering Saturday and Sunday

All nominations to be lodged by e-mail preferably to accuracynutz@gmail.com

The 500m Fly Shoot is run in accordance with the SSAA National Fly Shoot Rulebook.

300m will be run as per Fly rules excepting firearms restrictions. Local factory class rules will apply.

Please nominate what class or classes to be shot, if intending to share equipment and if you are a left handed shooter.

COVID Notice: The volunteers at SSAA (Wagga) are wanting to get back to running events, but we will need your assistance to do so. Currently masks are NOT required in the indoors or outdoor areas. Please note this may change with Government advice. If there is a mask requirement at the time of the event, the volunteers will already be busy enough with running the event, as we usually are, without having to attempt to police COVID safe behaviours. There are also likely to be restrictions on sharing equipment outside family groups without sanitisation. Your actions as attendees and competitors in assisting us by complying with any COVID requirements will greatly assist us in running a successful event. Please consider this in deciding whether to nominate.
"Only accurate rifles are interesting". Col Townsend Whelen
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Re: Wagga Blue Heeler Classic 2-3 April 2022

chappo (Greg Chapman)
Blue Heeler Classic Entry List.
We have 113 entries so far with 64 for Sat and 49 for Sunday. Please check the list below and ENSURE all details are correct. I have been getting phone and SMS messages, emails and Facebook chats across three different devices so I may have missed something. Any errors please email me at accuracynutz@gmail.com.
And the usual caveat that this is NOT the bench draw.

"Only accurate rifles are interesting". Col Townsend Whelen