Results WA state fly shoot

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Results WA state fly shoot

Stuart Pethy
well another year is done and dusted and it was another great shoot with good old Vince making his way over from Queensland , top work buddy


not sure if i did that link correctly
conditions started off great with light winds and no mirage but that soon changed and it wasn't long and you couldn't see ya holes and wind even though it was light it was a tricky on coming straight at ya and flicking left and right

LG was
1st Nathan Mann 240.01
2nd Jason Rushton 235.03
3rd Stuart Pethybridge 232.03

smallest group Keiton Puzey 0.976 and state record

Highest score target Stuart Pethybridge 59.01

1st Big Vince Vaina 254.01
2nd Tony Ryan 236.01
3rd Stuart Pethybridge 225.02

Smallest group Vince Vaina 1.578
Highest score target Vince Vaina 57

2 gun CF
1st Tony Ryan 468.03
 2nd Vince Vaina 460.05
3rd Stuart Pethybridge 457.05

the 200y RF had 28 shooters with some really close competition that came down to the last round , wind was light but again it was coming straight at you and flicking left and right but no mirage which was good but it was tricky

Ken Cassey was on fire for his first 4 shots of the day with 4 flys (which measures 0.866) but then the last shot took him out to 1.968 also netting him smallest group  and also highest scoring target of 57.04

1st Stuart Pethybridge 218.02
2nd Phil Mansell 215.02
3rd Ken Cassey 212.05 (he borrowed Vince's gun)

2 Gun CF and RF
1st Vince Vaina 459.01
2nd Stuart Pethybridge 450.05
3rd Jason Rushton 439.03

3 gun
1st Stuart Pethybridge 675.07
2nd Vince Vaina 665.02
3rd 640.04

i had a target that was a could off been , 1st shot went left  then i put next 4 under 0.5 ahhhh hate that

well there are 4 of us coming over to the nationals so i cant wait to see you all again and have a beers again

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Re: Results WA state fly shoot

Peter Cross
Hey Stuart

Looks like a great weekend, a lot of nice targets being shot. Good to see Vince over there keeping youse all honest :)

It will be good to catch up with Kay, Gary, Tony and yourself when you get over here.
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Re: Results WA state fly shoot

Vince V
In reply to this post by Stuart Pethy
Well done to all at the W.A. state championships !
Great hospitality and atmosphere as always !

As you have mentioned Stuart, there were many targets where I could not see any holes even with a 30 cal !
It’s a certain skill that’s needed to be able to compete in W.A.
Not at all easy when the mirage commenced at 7.30am even though it was 2deg !

See you at the nationals this month and in W.A. year !