Results - VIC Fly Championships 2021

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Results - VIC Fly Championships 2021

Nick Aagren
The VIC Fly Shoot Championships for 2021 were contested at the Eagle Park SSAA range at Little River this weekend.

It was good to be back at a registered competition, the first on the east coast since the Nationals in March 2020. Eighteen competitors turned up for an enjoyable weekend of Fly Shooting.

Day 1 was the 500m Fly with good conditions for Little River; 25 degrees, no mirage all day and 25-35km/h Northerly coming over the right shoulder which stayed consistent all day with no radical direction switches or let offs. A new HG high score record of 59.03 was set by Tyson on his D target.
Jacko took both the Heavy Gun and overall wins scoring 251.01 and Nick Aagren won Light Gun scoring 234.03

Day 2 was the 200yd Fly and again we had a really nice day at 25 degrees with no mirage. Wind conditions were the same as Day 1 for targets A, B & C but picked up a knotch to 30-40km/h for D & E. Melbourne Benchrest Club member, Andrew fox, was consistent all day taking the honours scoring 241.03

Thanks to those that made the interstate journey and also a shout out to everyone, visitors and club members, for chipping in and helping with the set up and running of the events, it was much appreciated.

Light Gun
1st Nick Aagren 234.03
2nd Tyson Trotter 222.03
3rd Tim Pavey 213.01
Small Group: Tim Pavey 2.300”
High Score: Peter van Meurs 52.00

Heavy Gun
1st Jacko 251.01
2nd Tyson Trotter 246.06
3rd Andrew Fox 231.02
Small Group: Tyson Trotter 1.340”
High Score: Tyson Trotter 59.03 – Range Record

1st Andrew Fox 241.03
2nd Tim Pavey 229.01 on count back to highest scored target.
3rd Warren Gardiner 229.01
Small Group: Warren Gardiner 1.630”
High Score: Andrew Fox 55.02