Results Monarto SA 2019 Fly State Titles

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Results Monarto SA 2019 Fly State Titles

Nick Aagren
Attached are the results from the match shot on the weekend.


The Monarto Metallic Silhouette Rifle Club hosted their first Fly registered CF & RF matches this weekend at the Monarto Shooting Complex.

Four regular fly competitors, me, Ken Perrin, Richard Lobb and Vince Vaina made up the visitor contingent. Congratulations to the Club and the event organisers, Laurie Todd & Patrick Kitschke, who put in a heap of work to bring the RF and CF matches up to a registered match standard. Without having seen a registered match run before, they were keen to put on a good event and it was a commendable first effort. The BBQ catered lunch on both days was welcomed by all.

The RF and CF were shot on adjacent ranges with the RF range being a 200yd walled range with covered benches and the 500m being on their 8 bench silhouette range which was exposed to the strong winds we encountered on both days.

Having just got back this afternoon and still getting packed away I won't go into detail on the results which can be read in the attached pdf file. I have posted some photos on the Melbourne Benchrest Club Facebook page. Yes the visitors did figure in all the results however it must be remembered that we were competing against Metallic Silhouette discipline shooters who came along to have a go at Fly without Fly guns or equipment which they must be congratulated for.

A couple a range records will be updated for HG and records added for RF. Also I'll update the SOTY progressive placings.

It was an enjoyable weekend and thanks to the Monarto club for making us visitors feel welcome.