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Given the fact that many products are difficult to come by I thought I would do a review of projectiles that I have in stock that someone may be able make use of if they are in Sydney or are close by.

Please see the list below:-

Caliber Make quantity price
0.308 Lapua GB432 185gr HPBT Scenar 400 sealed boxes $75/100 sold
0.308 Lapua E401 200gr SP Mega 300 sealed boxes $70/100
0.308 Sierra 210gr MatchKings 50 Sealed box $60/50
0.308 Sierra 220gr roundnose Pro Hunters 75 open box $40/75
6.5mm Hornady ELD 140gr Match 100 sealed box $65/100 (less than cost price)
6mm Lapua GB493 90gn HPBT Scenar 100 sealed box $65/100
6mm Sierra 95gr Match kings 53 in open box $20
6mm Hornady 75gr flat base 80 in open box $30
6mm Sierra (I think) 100gr BT lead tip 150 plastic bags $45
6mm Hornady 105gr A-Max 68 proj $35
0.224 Sierra BlitzKing 55gr 200 sealed boxes $30/100 sold
0.224 Nosler 55gr Balistic tip 500 sealed boxes $65/250 sold
0.224 Nosler 50gr Balistic tip 100 sealed box $30/100 sold
0.224 Nosler 40gr Balistic tip 250 sealed box $65/250 sold
0.224 Nosler 40gr Balistic tip 136 open box $30/250 sold
0.224 Hornady 40gr V-Max 200 I open 1 sealed $35/100 sold

Regards Rob Bernard