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Hilltop URGENT Update

Fred Blacker
Due to the current COVID situation and updates to the NSW Public Health Orders the following conditions will apply for the competition this weekend;

Face masks must be worn if you have been in the Greater Sydney Area in the past 14 days.
You will not be allowed to travel outside of the Metropolitan Sydney area to a place in NSW if you live or work in the following local area governments after 4pm on Thursday 23rd June 2021;
City of Sydney
Canada Bay
Inner West

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID environment the Rural Fire Service has ceased all community engagement activities. This means will not be able to operate a BBQ onsite as planned.


We will still be able to sell snacks and drinks on the range but provide Tea & instant coffee facilities.

For Hot Food, the following options are available in Hilltop

Bakery (Open Saturday Only 4am – 5pm)

Shop 5/9 W Parade, Hilltop


Coffee Shop (Open Saturday & Sunday 8am – 2:30pm)

Shop 1/17 W Parade, Hilltop