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For sale due to age of owner

My father in law (97 years) has been told by the powers to be that he has to divest himself of these sporting items. These have not had a great deal of use and even less in the last few years.

He has a :-

Remington 700 Mohawk in .222 with a Leupold 4-12 scope and bipod . Its in very good condition and is an accurate gun with 50 and 52 grain pills. Value approx $1000 ONO.

A 303 Sporterised with Leupold 4-9 in fair condition. Value approx $300 ono.

A .22 Lithgow repeater with a 6-40 Mark scope in good condition. Value approx $250 ono.

If anyone is looking for a reasonable firearm please PM me and I can forward photos and any other details I can find.

I will be chasing details of dies, scale and press first chance I get.

Regards Rob Bernard