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For Sale: 6x47 Lap

Vaughan Alexander
For Sale : Fly / F class target rifle and accessories package

Kelbly short action Stolle-Panda right hand bolt dual port
McMillan Kestros stock x2 Kreiger barrels chambered in 6x47 Lapua built by David Kerr

$3500 for the rifle and barrels only

Harrells full length bushing die with 4 carbide bushings
.2660 .2670 .2680 .2685 and PMA tool adjustable lock ring
Wilson in-line micrometer seating die with standard and VLD seating stem
KM arbor press

Nightforce Competition 15-55x52 scope DDR-2 reticle nightforce ultra light 1.125 high rings (4 screw) with bubble level and mirage tube adapter
Farley coaxial rest in SKB hard case
Edgewood rear bag
Edgewood bolt holster
BRT 3 wind flag kit
Bore guide

$9500 for the whole package

Please note that I won’t sell accessories like the rest and scope separately until after the rifle has sold

Call or text 0416406866 or email  

More photos available on request and also I am a shift worker so my reply could be delayed sometimes

Long live rule 10