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Entries so far for Nationals

Anthony Hall
Hi All,

Looks like it may be an all time record number of competitors for the Nationals !!

So far I have 117 Centrefire Entries (56 Light Gun, 61 Heavy Gun) and 56 Rimfire Entries with more to come.

Here is an alphabetical list of competitors nominated so far, if you plan on coming and your name is not on the list, please let me know ASAP so I can plan the number of details and benches.

A Hall
A Santa
B Blacker
B Coulter
B Locke
B Locke - (Jnr)
B Payne
B Taylor
B Tucker
B Wray
B Wright
C Ball
C Berg Von Lindhe
C Parray
C Starr
D Dundas
D Groves
D O'sullivan
D Zucconi
Ed McGrann
F Blacker
G Aarsen
G Chapman
G Groves
G Hansen
G Hansen
G Templeman
I Wilson
J Arundell
J Cross
J Gilbert
J Harris
J Lavaring
J Lipko
J Mcquire
J Thomas
K Cotterell
K Dowel
K Dundas
K McGrann (Jnr)
K Perrin
L Fraser
L Horsfall
L Payne
M Bell
M Lacey
M Riches
N Aagren
P Cross
P Gerholt
P Merriman
R Bailey
R Bernard
R Eager
R Jackson
R LeMaitre
R O'Sullivan
S Ambrose
S Ball
S Clow
S Cross (Jnr)
S Misdale
S Pethybridge
S Thomson
T Pavey
T Ryan
T Trotter
T Weston
V Vaina
W Bailey
W Gardiner