Current competitor list for Wagga fly (updated 8t August)

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Current competitor list for Wagga fly (updated 8t August)

chappo (Greg Chapman)
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Hi all.
Interim entrants list for wagga fly. Finally got internet back today after 7 days. (A giant GAGF to Foxtel Internet!!)

Andy Santa L
Andy Santa H
Anthony Hall LH L
Anthony Hall LH H
Barry Tucker LH L
Barry Tucker LH H
Bob Wright L
Bob Wright H
Brian Taylor LH H
Brian Wray H
Bruce Blacker L
Fred Blacker LH L
Fred Blacker LH H
Glen Aarson L
Glen Aarson H
Grant Groves L
Grant Groves H
Jack Lipko L
Jack Lipko H
Jessica McKay LH L
John Butts L
John Butts H
Josh Arundell L
Josh Arundell H
Keith Dowel L
Keith Dowel H
Ken Melgaard L
Ken Melgaard H
Ken Perrin L
Ken Perrin H
Les Fraser L
Les Fraser H
Matty Riches L
Michael Bennett H
Nick Aagren LH L
Nick Aagren LH H
Paul Krebs H
Peter Cross L
Peter Cross H
Peter Gerholt L
Richard Bailey H
Rob Eager L
Robert DalBon LH L
Robert DalBon LH H
Robert Valeri L
Robert Valeri H
Russel LeMaitre L
Russel LeMaitre H
Tim Pavey LH L
Tim Pavey LH H
Tony Gestier L
Tony Gestier H
Tony Weston H
Vince Vaina L
Vince Vaina L
William Bailey JNR L

Andy Santa C
Anthony Hall LH C
Barry Tucker LH C
Bob Wright C
Brian Taylor LH C
Bruce Blacker F
Fred Blacker LH C
Fred Blacker LH F
Glen Aarson C
Grant Groves C
Jack Lipko C
Jessica McKay LH C
John Butts C
Josh Arundell C
Keith Dowel C
Keith Dowel F
Ken Melgaard C
Ken Perrin C
Les Fraser C
Les Fraser F
Matty Riches C
Matty Riches F
Michael Bennett C
Nick Aagren LH C
Paul Krebs C
Peter Cross C
Peter Gerholt C
Robert DalBon LH C
Robert Valeri F
Russel LeMaitre C
Tim Pavey LH C
Tony Gestier C
Vince Vaina C
Vince Vaina F

"Only accurate rifles are interesting". Col Townsend Whelen
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Re: Current competitor list for Wagga fly (updated 8t August)

Fred Blacker
Hi Chappo. Hope you are starting to feel better. Was just wondering if you know what time the range might be open on Friday morning?
Fred Blacker