Cancellation of the 2021 SSAA Fly Shoot National Championship

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Cancellation of the 2021 SSAA Fly Shoot National Championship

Shane C
Good Evening all,

Due to the continued development of the current Covid outbreaks across multiple States and Territories, and the introduction of the associated restrictions that come with those outbreaks. SSAA Mackay has had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 SSAA Fly Shoot National Championship.

This decision has not been made quickly or lightly. There has been a great deal of discussion between SSAA Mackay Branch and Dave Groves, the Fly Shoot National Discipline Chairman who has consulted with the SSAA National Board.

There are multiple issues as to why, and I will not cover them all…

But a few things that were at the forefront of the decision.

• Not being able to run a National Championship that was worthy of being the Premiere event of the Fly Shoot Discipline. With the very high chance of the current SSAA National Championship Cancellation Policy being applied leading up to or during the event, if this occurred there would be no National Medals awarded.

• Not being able to have it open to all who wish to enjoy and compete at the Premiere event of the SSAA Fly Shoot Discipline.

• The impact on the SSAA organization and SSAA Members, both Locally and Nationally if the event contributed to a Covid spreading situation.

We thank you all for your support, and look forward to better times when we can again meet uninterrupted and freely to enjoy this great sport of Fly Shooting.

Shane Clow
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