2019 Fly Nationals Results

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2019 Fly Nationals Results

Peter Cross
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What a  great long weekend with some/many/heaps of great targets being shot, records being broken and god knows how many dead flies.  Anthony will post a more comprehensive coverage soon.  For the time being Ill try to summaries a fantastic 3 days of shooting into a few paragraphs.

Day 1 LG

1st Dave Grove with 276.06 2nd Robert Jackson with 272.04 and Tony Ryan shot a 268.05 for 3rd.

The smallest group went to Geof Hansen 1.03” and best target was Peter Merriman a 59.03.

4 Grant Groves       267.05
5 Stuart Thomson 265.06
6 Barry Tucker 264.07
7 Les Fraser 260.04
8 Jess Thomas 258.06
9 Ken Perrin 258.02
10 Michael Bell 256.03

Day 2

Sunday saw the end of the centre fire competition and what a day it was. At the end of the day it was Belly (aka Michael B) shooting a score of 284.09 that not only saw him take out heavy gun and the Jim McKinley trophy for overall centre fire winner. It was a new national record for highest total score. Great Stuff.
Second in heavy gun was the ever consistent Grant Groves with 276.06,  3rd in HG was Vince with 268.08. Smallest group was Stuart Pethybridge with 1.16" and best target Belly with 59.03.
4 Chris Parry 268.06
5 Ken Perrin 267.07
6 David Zucconi 266.06
7 Dave Groves 266.06
8 Stuart Pethybridge 263.4
9 Peter Merriman 261.03
10 Stuart Thomson 260.00

Jim McKinley trophy top 3 Centrefire winners

1st Place Michael Bell 284.09
2nd Place Grant Groves 276.06
3rd Place Dave Groves 273.06

Day 3 rimfire

What is it with Batemans bay, the first 2 days were about as perfect as you can get to shoot flies with a centre fire but as soon as I take my rimfire out of the safe, bloody wind and more wind. The Bureau Of Meteorology  forecast winds over 20 klicks and they sure got that right.  

This certainly didn’t seem to worry Kathy Dundas and young Kenny Perrin as they shot their way to a fantastic 257.xx, with Kathy walking away with the Stuart Elliot Cup as she hit 6 flies and young Ken nailed 1, third was Tony Ryan with 243.01. Best target was Kathy with a 59.04 and Fred Blacker shot an amazing .972 group.

4 Barry Tucker 241.03
5 Les Fraser 241.02
6 Grant Groves 240.02
7 Michael Bell 235.03
8 Russell LeMaitre 233.05
9 Chris Parry 232.02
10 Vince Vaina 224.00

3 Gun Results

Once all the points were tallied It was the ever consistent Grant Groves walking away with the voucher from Night Force as he scored 783.13. Young Ken was so close behind with 782.10 and of course Belly who is never far from the top (that is of course when he’s not on it) scored 775.15 for 3rd.

2 Gun Centre fire

Grant Groves     543.11
Michael Bell        540.12
Dave Groves      539. 12

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Re: 2019 Fly Nationals Results

Anthony Hall
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Thanks Peter, I was too tired last night to post a story :)

Here are the full results for all categories, I have attached a PDF as well as both excel versions with separate tabs for each event.




Correction made to the 2 gun, scores were correct, rankings were wrong.
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Re: 2019 Fly Nationals Results

David Dundas
In reply to this post by Peter Cross
What a great weekend on and off the range!

So many new faces this year and record numbers to boot. Incredible job done by Anthony and all of the club volunteers, they all made for a fantastic weekend enjoyed by so many of us - what a great little club you have.

As usual everyone was so friendly and in good spirits on the weekend that is was very enjoyable on and off the range, as such I cant wait to come back to the Bay again.

The targets and scores from the 500 Fly were fantastic from Sat and Sunday, some scores I didn't think were possible at that distance - great shooting by so many shooters.
Monday saw the arrival of the wind and it became really tough not to get caught by a wind change and I think most people had atleast one of those targets that they would like over again but again some of the scores and groups shot were outstanding.
I was delighted to see the Juniors shooting so well and enjoying each others company around the fire between details, life long friends are made like that!

Congratulation to all the winners and award winners, so much to cheer about but I think the real winner was "Fly Shooting". What a great weekend!


Dave Dundas